Attorney Craig Aronow Honored by New Jersey State Bar Association

Craig Aronow, a partner in Rebenack, Aronow & Mascolo, LLP, has been recognized for his long and stalwart service to the profession and the public through his involvement and leadership with the New Jersey State Bar Association. A highly respected … [Read more...]

Craig Aronow & Matt Bonanno Obtain $215,000 Settlement for Client Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

RAM Law Associate Matt Bonanno and Partner Craig Aronow settled a slip and fall accident claim for $215,000. The client was walking in the lunch room at her job when she slipped and fell on a grey caulk like material. The client suffered a fracture … [Read more...]

Edward Rebenack and Craig Aronow Named to the 2017 New Jersey Super Lawyers List

We are pleased to announce that 2 attorneys from Rebenack Aronow & Mascolo, L.L.P. (RAM Law) have been selected to the 2017 New Jersey Super Lawyers list. This is an exclusive list, recognizing no more than five percent of attorneys in New … [Read more...]

RAM Law’s Craig Aronow Obtains $110,000 for Client that Suffered a Low Back Injury

A RAM Law client was injured because a landlord performed no maintenance on its buildings’ common areas for years and took no precautions to keep the common areas free of snow and water build up during bad weather. This resulted in wet and slippery … [Read more...]

RAM Law Secures $500,000 for Client Injured in Car Accident

A RAM Law client was significantly injured in a high impact rear-end accident. RAM Law partner, Craig Aronow, counseled the client throughout the course of his case and secured a $500,000 settlement. The client underwent surgery on his neck in the … [Read more...]

RAM Law Partner, Craig Aronow, Obtains $850,000 Settlement for Bicyclist Hit by Box Truck

A RAM Law client was injured when a box truck made a right turn without making a proper lookout for pedestrians and bicyclists. Our client suffered a broken pelvis and several other injuries and required surgery to repair the pelvis. The settlement … [Read more...]

RAM Law Client Interview – Couple Walking Dogs In Their Neighborhood

While this couple was walking their dog, a fast driving car came towards them, running over their beloved pet and hitting the female spouse straight on. When the couple met with Craig Aronow, they were impressed with how concerned he was that they … [Read more...]

RAM Law Client Receives $60,000 for Microfracture Suffered to Upper Arm

RAM Law partner, Craig Aronow, obtained $60,000 for a client who suffered a microfracture to a bone in her shoulder in a car crash and contusions to her ribs. The client had a strong recovery. Her car was struck by a school bus at an intersection. … [Read more...]

RAM Law’s Craig Aronow Obtains $395,000 for Client with Neck Injury that was Aggravated in Car Crash

A RAM Law client that had previously been injured in two prior car crashes, underwent surgery as a result of a recent crash. His doctor found that his prior injuries had been worsened in the recent accident. On the eve of trial, the matter was fully … [Read more...]

RAM Law Partner, Craig Aronow, obtains Jury Verdict for Client Injured in Car Crash

A RAM Law client who suffered injuries to his neck, back and a shoulder in a car accident and required physical therapy to help rehabilitate them, was awarded $82,500 by a Union County jury. Immediately prior to trial, Allstate Insurance Company … [Read more...]

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Ed Rebenack Obtains $300,000 settlement for Somerset County Litigation

RAM Law partner Ed Rebenack settles Somerset County auto litigation for $300,000. The RAM … [Read More...]

Ed Rebenack Obtains $100,000 Verdict for Truck Crash Litigation

RAM Law Partner Ed Rebenack recently obtained a $100,000 verdict for Somerset County truck … [Read More...]


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