Jay Mascolo Obtains $1,075,000 Settlement for Client Seriously Injured In Two Separate Car Accidents

A RAM Law client was involved in two separate motor vehicle accidents 6 weeks apart while in the course of his employment as a security guard. Following the accidents, he underwent a significant course of medical treatment including four spinal … [Read more...]

Jay Mascolo Obtains $185,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident

RAM Law Partner, Jay Mascolo, settled a lawsuit arising out of a slip and fall accident for $185, 000. The RAM Law client slipped and fell on ice that had accumulated on a common walkway located in an apartment complex. The evidence showed that … [Read more...]

RAM Law Client Interview – Back Injury On the Job

Derick is a 47 year old man who injured his low back while at work lifting pallets. He suffered herniated discs to his low back which required pain management injections and ultimately a surgery. He was unable to return to work. RAM Law fought to … [Read more...]

An Interview With RAM Law Attorney Jay Mascolo

After representing and defending insurance companies for a number of years, I and my partners decided to take the skills we learned from that experience and form a law firm which helps individuals who have been injured. Our experience representing … [Read more...]

$175,000 Settlement for Workers’ Compensation Claim

RAM Law Partner, Jay Mascolo, obtained a $175,000 settlement for a workers’ compensation claim of a young man who sustained serious injuries when he was struck in the face by a piece of equipment operated by a co-employee. Attorney Howard Buckner … [Read more...]

$188,000 Settlement for Workers’ Compensation Claim

RAM Law Partner, Jay Mascolo, obtained a $188,000 settlement for a workers’ compensation claim of a young woman who had a safe fall on her while working.  A 1,500 pound safe fell over and onto the RAM Law client’s legs while being loaded on a truck.  … [Read more...]

Mascolo named to the New Jersey Law Journal 40 Under 40 list

RAM Law partner, Jay Mascolo, was selected as one of the New Jersey Law Journal’s 2010 “40 Under 40″ which recognizes the top 40 attorneys in New Jersey under 40 years of age. The award features 40 attorneys the New Jersey Law Journal believes are … [Read more...]

Mascolo obtains $157,500 settlement for automobile negligence lawsuit

RAM Law’s client was operating an automobile on Route 27 in New Brunswick on May 16, 2005 when his vehicle was struck on the passenger’s side by an automobile that failed to stop at a stop sign. The client was taken by ambulance to Robert Wood … [Read more...]

Mascolo settles Trip and Fall litigation for $265,000

RAMM Law partner, Jay Mascolo, obtained a settlement against an apartment complex for injuries sustained by his client as a result of a trip and fall accident. The RAMM Law client tripped on a cracked and raised sidewalk on a common walkway while … [Read more...]

$400,000 Obtained for Victim of Bicycle Accident

RAM Law partner, Jay Mascolo, helps a Colonia woman receive a $400,000 settlement on September 24 to settle her suit over injuries sustained when she fell off her bicycle after it went over a hazardous portionof roadway. The RAM Law client, now 52, … [Read more...]

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Ed Rebenack Obtains $300,000 settlement for Somerset County Litigation

RAM Law partner Ed Rebenack settles Somerset County auto litigation for $300,000. The RAM … [Read More...]

Ed Rebenack Obtains $100,000 Verdict for Truck Crash Litigation

RAM Law Partner Ed Rebenack recently obtained a $100,000 verdict for Somerset County truck … [Read More...]


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