Introducing: Rocco the Ram!

We are proud to introduce our newest member of the RAM Law team, Rocco the Courageous Ram.


Rocco is our fearless mascot representing RAM Law’s approach to its clients’ interests:

  • tenacious
  • fearless
  • protective representation advocating for their rights.

During his inaugural appearance, Rocco took a tour of downtown Somerville, home of one of two RAM Law offices (New Brunswick, the other), meeting, greeting, hugging and laughing with over 20 Somerville merchants on a very sunny and warm late July afternoon.

Rocco will be a regular cheerleader throughout RAM Law’s neighborhoods during the upcoming months, mixing and mingling with attendees and participants at a variety of community events.

When you see Rocco (and you can’t mistake him), make sure to introduce yourself, give him a high-five, a smile and a hug! And, feel free to write to Rocco by Clicking Here.

RAM Law, with offices in New Brunswick and Somerville, NJ, is a specialized litigation firm focusing on personal injury cases, leveraging its extensive courtroom experiences, technological and negotiation skills to deliver its clients the best possible results.

Downtown Somerville Walking Tour images:

Rocco standing in front of the RAM Law sign

Rocco answering the phone at RAM Law

Rocco with our receptionist

Rocco- at Starlit Cinema

Rocco lining up for Cinema Night in downtown Somerville

Rocco- at Starlit Cinema

Rocco Playing Skee Ball

Rocco doing push-ups at Bodhi's by Anthony Monetti

Rocco being measured at Tessuto's

Anthony and Rocco share a He-Man pose

Rocco power posing with Anthony

Rocco caught up with RTS

Rocco at Minuteman Press

Rocco stopped by Lane & Lane Attorneys at Law

Rocco visits Provident Bank

Rocco at Lane & Lane

Rocco visits the fellas at Lane & Lane

Rocco visits Tessuto's

Rocco visits Katili's chocolates

Rocco scooping up at Rita's Water Ice

Rocco sat down with the folks at Lyons & Associates

Rocco looking for space at Office Evolution with Ulka Bhavsar

Rocco cleaning up at Pessaroff Cleaners


Rocco visits with Marie at A Votre Service events

Rocco checking out Liquified Media with Adam Baldwin

Rocco chatting with a young Somerville passerby

Rocco at Division Cafe

Rocco at the Dessert Plate with Erin Cross

Rocco With Police Officers

The RAM Law attorneys with Rocco

Bodies by Bodhi's Cheech happy to meet Rocco

Rocco eyeing up the food choices at Alfonso's

Rocco stops by to visit Alfonso's

Rocco visiting Gems and Stems

Rocco visits Conlin's Cafe & Bakery,Rocco visits Conlin's Cafe & Bakery

Rocco with Jeff at Alfonso's

The RAM Law staff with Rocco

Rocco stopped by Lane & Lane to say hello

Rocco smooches Marie at AVS

Rocco sneaks a quick peck with Marie Danielle Vil-Young of A Votre Service Events

Rocco in the band

rocco jazzing it up at jazzin for funds fundraiser
rocco jazzing it up at jazzin for funds fundraiser
rocco playing along with the jazz band
rocco playing along with the jazz band

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RAM LAW,founded by Ed Rebenack Jay Mascolo,and Craig Aronow,is a specialized trial and litigation firm,focused on personal injury cases.The firm leverages its extensive courtroom experience and negotiation skills to get you the best possible results.

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