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Reviews and Endorsements of Craig Aronow

“I was hurt on the job and sought out Mr. Aronow’s services seeking compensation for extensive injuries…I personally met with Craig, based on a referral of my own from a colleague, and from the minute we first sat down to discuss the details of my potential case I was put at ease due to his knowledge, guidance, and personal demeanor.” – Jason, personal injury client (Read full review)

“I had seen three attorneys when I had my accident before I finally met with Craig. He is my #1 attorney. He did an excellent job in reviewing case files, doctors’ reports, witnesses, etc. He is by far the most thorough attorney, he left no stone unturned. He understands and he is there for you as a client. The most important thing to me was communication – when I phoned I received a phone call on the same day, if I emailed I received a rapid response.” – Roseann, car accident client (Read full review

“Craig is an excellent attorney. He was very informative, personable and kind. Craig is extremely responsive and makes you feel as if you are his only client. He was able to secure the maximum policy amount for me without even going to mediation.” – Kelly, car accident client  (Read full review)

“I would never wish the injury I went through on anyone, but if anyone under similar circumstance ever asked my recommendation for an attorney to pursue a personal injury/medical malpractice matter there is no one I would recommend more highly than Craig Aronow.” – Marina, medical malpractice client (Read full review)

“Craig is an experienced personal injury attorney who puts his clients first. He will take the time to listen to your story and give you an honest estimate of your case. He always returns phone calls and makes you feel comfortable with the court process.” – Michael Roberts, criminal defense attorney in Somerset, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“Craig is a highly reputable personal injury litigator. I would never hesitate to refer a case to him. He is a stalwart leader in the state and county Bar associations, with the highest level of integrity and sense of ethics. He is a zealous advocate and admired by colleagues throughout New Jersey.” – Daniel Weiss, immigration attorney in Freehold, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“Craig was the first lawyer I met in New Brunswick before opening up my office here, and since then he’s become a good friend and neighbor. Having worked together on a few matters, I’ve seen first-hand that Craig is always prepared, and I look forward to working with him again.” – Joseph Bahgat, internet lawyer in New Brunswick, NJ (Read full endorsement)

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Reviews and Endorsements of Jay Mascolo

“A very detailed, composed defense attorney. Paid attention to the evidence, conducted my defense on the mark. A great deal of legal knowledge and experience.” – Sam, car accident client (Read full review)

“I have used RAM Law, specifically Jay Silvio Mascolo, on two occasions. Both were traffic related incidents and I could not have been happier with the results. Highly recommended.” – Jason, speeding ticket client (Read full review)

“Very few attorneys can effectively handle both defense and plaintiff work – but Jay succeeds at it and superbly represents his clients.” – Maureen Goodman, personal injury lawyer in Woodbridge, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“Mascolo is a knowledgeable, skilled and well-prepared attorney who vigorously represents his clients in court. I have tried a case against him and would recommend his services to anyone seeking a quality trial attorney.” – Michael Fusco, personal injury lawyer in Edison, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“Jay is a conscientious attorney with an ability to be both aggressive and compassionate when circumstances dictate the need. I am happy to recommend his services.” – Neel Shah, estate planning attorney in Monroe, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“J. is an experienced trial attorney who fights for his clients!” – James Smith, personal injury lawyer in Woodbridge, NJ (Read full endorsement)

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Reviews and Endorsements of Ed Rebenack

“He is down to earth, such a brilliant attorney.” – Car accident client in Edison, NJ (Read full review)

“I wholeheartedly recommend Ed. As a physician involved in a serious car accident, I felt he advocated for me with the insurance company and was empathetic to my needs. He took the time to listen to my concerns and answered my phone calls promptly.” – Margaret, car accident client in Marlboro, NJ (Read full review)

“Ed is a fantastic attorney who has helped guide my husband and me in the aftermath of a serious car accident. He has already won us the highest amount of money available from the other driver’s car insurance. HE is kind, patient, and open to questions and concerns. He walked us through the entire process, answered all of our questions about medical treatment via a PIP claim, and made sure we made the right decisions from the get go.” – Abby, car accident client in Belle Mead, NJ (Read full review)

“A caring and hardworking attorney – I’ve worked with Ed a number of times and he is very down to earth and professional. He really takes the time to listen to the needs of his clients. I have and would recommend Ed to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney that really cares about their clients.” – Jenna, client in Hillsborough, NJ (Read full review)

“Ed gives you the service that you would expect from a high-powered law firm with the feeling that you are sitting and talking with an old friend. He answered the phone when I called and took the time to answer my questions with detailed explanations. I would highly recommend Ed.” – Matt, client in Hillsborough, NJ (Read full review)

“Ed exhibits confidence and professionalism in the handling of litigation proceedings. His experience with insurance claims leads him to a degree of thoroughness you don’t commonly find.” – Kelly, personal injury client in Hillsborough, NJ (Read full review)

“After I was involved in an automobile accident, I was blessed with being introduced to the RAM Law firm. I could not ask for better professional representation.” – Mohammed, car accident client in Marlboro, NJ (Read full review)

“I worked with Ed at a prior law firm. He is a tenacious litigator who gets results for his clients. He knows his way around the courtroom and regularly utilizes technology in his presentations to the jury to demonstrate certain points; a very effective litigation tool.” – Joanne Vos, litigation lawyer in Short Hills, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“Ed and I were adversaries in a multiparty case and I saw firsthand the effort with which he advocates for his clients. There were some complex issues that he tackled head on to maximize his client’s recovery.” – Anne Breslin, lawsuit/dispute attorney in Springfield, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“Ed is a compassionate and skilled professional whose experience and knowledge I trust. I have recommended him to personal friends who have expressed their appreciation for my referral and I am grateful to know him as a colleague.” – Laurie Poppe, family law attorney in Somerville, NJ (Read full endorsement)

“Mr. Rebenack is an excellent lawyer. I highly recommend him. He settled my case and I am very happy with the final outcome. He is the best of the best. A caring, responsbile, and professional lawyer.” – personal injury client in New Brunswick, NJ

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