So the complaint and answer have been timely filed and the parties have completed discovery. It's time for trial, right? Not quite yet. It's common practice to resolve a number of issues before the trial is scheduled, and for good reasons. First, … [Read more...]

RAM Law partner Ed Rebenack settles Somerset County auto litigation for $300,000. The RAM Law client was stopped for a red light in Bridgewater when struck from behind by another vehicle. The crash resulted in a neck injury ultimately requiring … [Read more...]

When you have been the victim of someone else's carelessness, you want the legal process to move swiftly, so that you can get the compensation you need to cover your losses and move forward. It's a process, though, and it can take a while to actually … [Read more...]

RAM Law Partner Ed Rebenack recently obtained a $100,000 verdict for Somerset County truck crash litigation. The RAM Law client was driving down Orlando Drive in Raritan. At the same time, a DPW worker used a DPW masonry dump truck to run a personal … [Read more...]

Jay Mascolo obtiene un acuerdo de $ 1,075,000 para el cliente seriamente lesionado en dos accidentes automovilísticos separados Uno de nuestros clientes de la Ley RAM, estuvo involucrado en dos accidentes automovilísticos solo seis semanas de … [Read more...]

A RAM Law client was involved in two separate motor vehicle accidents 6 weeks apart while in the course of his employment as a security guard. Following the accidents, he underwent a significant course of medical treatment including four spinal … [Read more...]

Though the national statistics for death in the workplace remained essentially unchanged, New Jersey saw a nearly 10% increase in job-related fatalities in 2015. Data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 97 workers were killed … [Read more...]

[Read more...]

In a ruling issued by an administrative law judge earlier this year, the tribunal held that workers' compensation benefits must cover the costs of any medical marijuana legally prescribed for and purchased by a New Jersey worker injured on the job. … [Read more...]

You have suffered an injury on the job and you can't work. You know that you have a right to seek workers' compensation while you are off the job, but you don't have any idea what benefits are available and how the amount of compensation is … [Read more...]

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Ed Rebenack Obtains $300,000 settlement for Somerset County Litigation

RAM Law partner Ed Rebenack settles Somerset County auto litigation for $300,000. The RAM … [Read More...]

Ed Rebenack Obtains $100,000 Verdict for Truck Crash Litigation

RAM Law Partner Ed Rebenack recently obtained a $100,000 verdict for Somerset County truck … [Read More...]


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